Monday, 22 July 2013

Lisette 2059 - Continental dress

I was excited about the dress in Lisette 2059, even though the shirt was a disappointment.  After my initial successes I went on an online spending spree at, as one of the only online fabric stores in New Zealand.  For this dress I had some interesting green linen-cotton stuff.  I was figuring that it would be super comfortable.

The dress has a super easy construction once the gathers at the neck are done.  I had a lot of trouble getting my stitching to hide on those gathers, but I guess you are supposed to remove the gather stitches once the gathers are held in place, and I didn't do that.

I also really like using the self fabric as a bias tape.  It created a nice neckline - I so far totally hate facing!  It flaps around!  Argh!  I haven't quite figured out what to do about that and I am hoping soon I will only make lined dresses and never have floppy facing again.

The belt took me about 3 hours though because it would absolutely not slide through itself. Three hours with a pair of pliers!

Once I had stitched this dress together I lost a lot of enthusiasm.  It was so baggy...truly the neckline coming together improved this, but I had already gotten over it in my mind and offered this dress to a cousin who has a more generous figure than I do.  This dress would have been more appealing if I had some more shape at the waist (not to mention boobs to speak of!), but the belt is the only defining element.

I also noticed my habit so far - that each pattern seems to teach me some skills but I am so far not confident about the results.  I am still asking friends if they want dresses so that I don't keep a closet of the ones I'm not satisfied with.  My excitement about each new project has spurred me on, but I definitely don't have the drive to work on each project until I like it and would wear it.  I am not sure if this comes with time! 

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