Friday, 18 October 2013

By Hand London Polly top

So if you haven't seen the new pattern out from By Hand London, here it is!  And it's a free pdf download!  I had the perfect pieces of fabric to do this so it hopped straight to the top of my list, and took one evening to make (once I did the boring part of cutting and taping).

I used a greyish green raw silk for the body and a scrap of Mitzi Liberty for the front and the bindings.  The directions are awesome, as always for BHL, and they are correct in that it's hard to put that front panel in without a lot of careful easing and a mess of pins.  I had to redo a few spots and one edge still doesn't sit quite perfectly.

I cut a size 6/10 as that was true to my measurements and it's what I've used for their other patterns.  This is a much looser fit and probably would fit best on a tall person (or anyway, someone who isn't short-waisted.)  I did a quick fix by removing 1 inch from each side of the shoulders, which brought the armscye and the shaping up to my bust level.  The shirt is still quite long but as long as I think of it as a tunic I'm pleased - it has a great shape along the side seams that keeps it from being shapeless.  The hem is really exciting since it's rounded, and it was fun to do, too.

My awesome friend Angela conducted a great photo shoot.  Thanks, Angela!  We even paired Polly with my incredible suede Victoria (which I haven't taken off in the week since I made it, seriously.)  Overall the Polly is a cool make, with some thought required. 

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