Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Sewaholic Renfrew - knit tshirt

This was an easy make that I squeezed in between more arduous pieces.  I shortened it at the waist by 2 inches, and cut a size 4.  I did a size 6 Lonsdale but with this being a knit I didn't want too much ease.  Maybe I got too excited with all those modifications!  I think when I make a v-neck version I might do a shoulder-widening and only shorten it by 1 inch.

But how do you iron cotton knit?  When I put the iron on it, it shifts, and then just irons in wrinkles...so I gave up and cut it wrinkly.  I recently introduced some weights to my sewing table and since they were handy, I used them for cutting this as well.  I had some trouble getting pins into it so the weights were great!

After that it was pretty easy.  I might also cut a shorter neck binding because it was just a touch floppy.  And I had forgotten to cut out the arm bindings so those had to wait a day - otherwise this is a quick few hours of sewing from beginning to end.

While I was posing inside the ferry a guy came up and tried to participate so Ellie got some action shots.  Thanks Ellie for taking photos for me!

Yay for awesome basics! 

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