Sunday, 18 January 2015

Papercut Saiph, take 2

When this pattern came out I snapped it up.  It was right when I was getting confident with modifying patterns and identifying my own taste.  I made it in silk charmeuse with the fluttery skirt, using an XXS based on other reviewers size assessment.  I skipped all the facings, and learnt that it's not wise to try just folding silk armholes to finish them.  That was one of my first truly successful patterns - I wore it a lot for the last two summers.

So, back to this pattern.  I felt like it deserved a try as written.  However, let's review why I had made all those changes above...
-I hate facings.
-The waist seam is exactly on the widest part of my hips, aka very unflattering
-I own NO woven dresses with long sleeves, because they don't fit my shoulders or upper arms at all.

I'm staring here at the problem I always have with woven sleeves- this tightness right at the front bottom of the armhole.  It pulls a lot.

What could one expect, then?  No surprises here, this dress is a fail.  My camera decided to wash out my pictures and make me gain some long legs, but that's only because the skirt is about 4 inches long.  It doesn't look good in reality.  And I think I was supposed to move those darts somewhere. Also, I found the instructions for the pockets to be confusing.  You sew the pockets on to the skirt front, then fold them but how much are you supposed to fold up?  Are you supposed to sew the pocket top into the seam allowance? Something was off, and the result is that they gape open and have messy corners.

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  1. The pocketed skirt reminds me of Vogue 1247 by Rachel Comey. It was one of the top ten most popular patterns on Pattern Review a year or two ago. I made the skirt in denim, and the pockets do not sag or gap. If you wanted to create the look of this dress, you might try making that skirt, and a separate long-sleeved, scoop neck top. Just an idea.