Thursday, 28 May 2015

Maria Denmark Kirsten top turned into a Renfrew

This is a free top from Maria Denmark when you sign up for the newsletter. The lack of seam allowances actually kept me from making it for so long!  It's a two piece tshirt, and then you just pick how to finish the neck and seams.

I made a size M from this amazing Art Gallery knit.  I love this fabric and got it as a scrap from an etsy seller.  It costs 35 franks per meter here, just to give you an idea.  I LOVE this fabric.  I totally thought it would be a simple and great top.  I put it together and I hated it.  It was loose over the bust and tight over the belly, kind of the opposite of what I generally aim for in tshirts.  
The evidence: I promise it looked much worse than it seems.

I backtracked.

I checked the scraps.

And I turned it into a Renfrew.  My classic, like this: size 4, 1'' waist shortening - it's longer than most of my other ones which I shortened 2", and no change in the shoulders.  I managed to squeeze all the pieces onto my scraps although the waist piece had an extra seam.

The way Renfrew nips in at the bust and out at the hips suits me way more and now I am happy.  Although I would have preferred it shorter.  I have retraced my Renfrew pieces as they were disintegrating, and somehow the lengths don't all match so I accidentally ended up with the longer one. 

As for Kirsten - bigger size?  Drapier fabric?  Maybe, but I think I prefer more fitted tshirts and now I don't have a lot of interest in exploring this further.  

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