Monday, 1 June 2015

Schnittchen Coco jacket

I have been on a fruitless hunt for a blazer pattern.  I guess I mean, a blazer pattern that fits without me making changes that I don't know how to make.  I know this is wishful thinking.  I made up the free Marfy blazer as a muslin.  Then I did all sorts of weird things to the armscye.  None of it was anywhere near improvement. 

I have been reading Fit for Real People.  Everyone loves this book.  I find the graphics and layout really difficult to make sense of. Also, I just don't know what changes I need to make, so it doesn't feel helpful to know HOW to make the changes.  One thing is says is that you should begin fitting at the shoulders, ie cut the size that fits your high bust and then adjust from there.  I am beginning to think this is worth a try.  Unlike all normal ladies (apparently) my bust is 35 and my high bust is something like 38.  More of that extra width is probably in my back. 

Anyway that was a lot of introduction for the Coco Blazer, which doesn't fit me at all but is luckily for my friend R!  Everyone talks about how great the arms fit.  What that translates into is skinny little arms not made for massive biceps.  I have no shoulder movement, no arm movement, and I can barely get the arms on.  The size is 38, which I would have also made for me.  I tapered to 36 because R isn't very hippy.  She is pretty narrow on top so I expect this will suit her just fine. 

Sorry my head got cut off, new ironing board/camera platform and I don't have the angle quite right...

The Coco blazer is easy to make, which is why I didn't even panic when I started cutting out this evil Marc Jacobs boucle from Mood Fabrics and it immediately started falling apart at every cut edge.  I was very hesitant with the iron, because the fabric is a bunch of different fibers including poly and melty metals.  I think that shows.  But not too badly...I sewed the outside of the blazer together in one quick go with few pins, since they became buried in the fabric and impossible to excavate. I sewed the lining and the rest of the blazer together the following day.  I had to look up how to attach the cuffs in a bagged lining.  (Grainline tutorial.) Otherwise I found the instructions brief but ok. 

Overall I still like the idea of the Coco blazer.  (More than Marfy even though I think with patience it would turn out amazing. Maybe when I find a sewing-fairy Godmother to help?) I have fabrics allll ready for a blazer!  Should I try cutting out a 42 in the shoulders/sleeves and taper to a 38 at the bust?  Does anyone else have fit advice for super wide shoulders and popeye biceps?

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  1. I would do exactly as you have suggested - and cut out of cheap old fabric to play with the idea (I use old sheets) and quickly try this concept out. I would actually use a multisize pattern to do this - use a wider width and then the smaller sizes lower down.