Tuesday, 14 July 2015

A simple kind of success: Ooh La leggings by Papercut Patterns

I had some small scraps left over after the v neck drape dress. (note: small.)  I also have been coveting black leggings to go with this amazing silk top I have which I don't wear because I don't have black leggings.

But ugh they are like 50 money units and I just didn't feeeel like it.  So I got out the ooh la leggings pattern one day while debating what I could do next.  The thinking went like this:
'Oh! perfect black legging pattern!'
'ugh but that pattern turned out SOOOO bad in thin viscose.'
'Eh but this thick jersey will be perfect.  Do I have enough?'
'Too bad.  I think I'll make them anyway.'

Side note: don't make these out of very thin fabrics.  My thin viscose pair was terrible.  It was a pain to sew so much tissue thin jersey, it was awful to topstitch and they were see through and bad.  Thin leggings shouldn't be done with decorative seams, I think.  The best fabric for these is definitely a sturdy, relatively thick knit with lots of stretch.  I was remembering the problems I had previously with these leggings and it all comes down to use of the right materials.  Also, I used to always use a straight stitch on knits and I am finally coming round to using a zig zag sometimes, like on my waistband.

Size XS.  I am 5'4'', muscular, and I cut about 4'' off the bottom of these.  The bottoms are a touch loose. 

I cut out each top piece twice instead of on the fold and made a center seam.  The only off grain part is the front legs.  And I had to piece together one front leg.

I didn't topstitch the big u-of attaching the fronts and backs.  I remember from the first version that the U is right at the underside of my butt and the topstitching was very unflattering.  I put them on, recut the front waist (removed about 1cm) and then I used 2'' elastic to take advantage of the extra fabric at the waist.  They are very high cut if you only use 1'' elastic as indicated by the instructions.  Even with 2'' elastic they are still relatively modest, just about an inch below my belly button.

I love them!  And I so seldom sew sensible things, using cheap leftover materials, that I actually would have bought.  That makes this feel like an even tastier success. 

Thanks to Francesca who took the photos while we were in Zurich together!  

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