Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Tilly & the Buttons Miette skirt, a stripe-matching fail

The Miette skirt by Tilly and the Buttons became interesting when I saw Winnie's version.  I am not a bow kind of girl.  I do love an A-line skirt, and I was willing to give Tilly a second try although I still think the Delphine skirt is just weird around the waistline.

I also thought this would be a great chance to make some chevrons, even though I VERY RECENTLY, in the great scheme of things, suffered through and failed on plaid matching on my Waffle jacket.  The fabric is poplin from By Hand London's fabric printing startup, printed with a tiled and reversed sunset taken off the west cost of New Zealand's south island, at Hokitika.  The fabric is very stiff but the picture came out super well.  It seemed to go well with a stable and non-transparent skirt.

I spent ages cutting this out.  I used chalk.  It took days.  And it was a total fail.
Inspect my side seams and cry.  Why are they so amazing when the only place where it mattered is a complete fail?

After hiding this under the table for a week I sucked it up and finished it.  Maybe someone clueless at the op-shop will like it?  Are there people clueless enough to like unmatched chevrons?  It made me consider headless photos.

Here they are, head included.

Meditate on that.

You can't even SEE the seam!


The pattern again has a sharp angle at the top of the skirt and then an absurd, non-curved waistband.  I still find it irritating but it is not as high as the waistband from the Delphine.  I cut a size 3 and didn't cut the waist ties, just finished the waist bits at the end.  I was going to apply snaps but just went with some velcro instead.  I think this makes a cute skirt actually!  It is very easy to finish and the poplin pressed crisply, which helped.  I am considering using a scrap of raw silk to make another one.  However, this skirt is super long.  I cut off a 5 cm piece at the bottom, hemmed it badly at about 4 cm and I would probably optimally just shorten it when cutting by 20cm so that it doesn't hit below the knee. I am 5'4'', was this drafted for someone 15cm taller than me??

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