Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Sleeveless Plantain Dress, by deer and doe

I was planning to make an Ondee out of this quilted soft cotton jersey from Paris.  Bindings are a contrasting shade of lilac in organic jersey.  I wasn't sold on the combination, exactly...but that's what happens when you look at fabric for three days and go craaaazzzyyyy!!  And I couldn't think of any contrasting colour that would look better. And I do love my Ondee in Navy (the stripes went to a friend.)

But....still not sold on the combination, not to mention I think one Ondee is enough actually.  I guess I don't really really really love it.  So on a day dedicated to cutting out (I seem to work lately like this: one day of wild cutting craziness, followed by a few weeks of sewing,) I brainstormed making another long dress Plantain.  Except, of course, without sleeves because 1 meter fabric and it's hot outside.  I used the contrast fabric and thread after all and I reckon it matches much better than I had imagined. 

No big surprises.  I had actually made a pattern piece when I first turned the Plantain into a dress.  I just drew the line out into an A-line skirt.  The quilting, however, makes this into a warm, cozy dress.  Not what one really desires on a 38 degree day!  I love it though.  I think this is my perfect not-summer dress to wear with a cardigan at work.  In retrospect it would have made a nice Ondee too but I don't regret the change.

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