Monday, 17 August 2015

Terra Cotta Sewaholic Thurlow linen trousers

I am in some kind of crazy groove.  Everything is coming out amazing lately.  I am preparing to move and although I am so so happy to see all these great projects, I wouldn't mind a few things that need to be donated to friends!  Haha not the usual thing to complain about.

On these Thurlows I changed three things.
1. fly on left side.
2. flat felled the outside legs (note: don't do this...)
3. back pockets are from the Grainline Maritime.

I cut out a size 0.  The first time I made these was also my first time making fly-pants, after reading a bunch of books and measuring crotch seams, and I cut a size 4 and used high stretch jean fabric, and I made a bunch of weird modifications to the crotch because I thought I knew a lot.  So, don't do that!  You will endure a lot of pins in the crotch trying to fix massive pants!  For some reason, I guess because Sewaholic is for pears, if you are not a pear, size down a LOT in these pants.  I sized down 2 sizes!

So, the fly switching can be a bit puzzling for the brain but I did it correctly, even the interfacing was cut properly the first time, hurrah!!  I made this basically in one afternoon.  And it was going sooo well that I thought I would flat fell the outside legs, as in, why have I never done this before?  The reason is because you have to change the order if you want to flat fell, so that you have one side open...I flat felled AFTER sewing the inner leg.  It was kind of harrowing and it involved a flat-fell learning curve.  One side looks a bit bad  The other side looks ok.  But anyway I am so impressed with my flat felling that I don't care.

Photo credits: Senka Stojanovic, in the King's Gardens in Copenhagen.  She took such nice pictures that I posted them all!  On their first day of fresh air these pants got a lot of bike time, beer drinking time and other assorted fun, and they held up amazingly.  As an aside - to show off to Senka how much I've made, I had a fully self-made wardrobe in Copenhagen.  I don't wear a big variety of clothing so this was a chance for things to shine that I think I haven't worn more than a few times in two years!

Let's just pretend they're even, ok?

Learning curve.

I lined these with leftover fabric from my Vogue star dress, and for the waistband - I am always confused by waistbands.  They are too long, too short, they don't overlap properly, who knows. Anyway so I didn't sew the lining together in the back, I folded each side down separately.  And I think the tab in the front is too short because the two buttons almost touch.

For once I don't mind the messy touches.  I really like these pants!


  1. that is a fantastic fit and how much fun is it to have red pants? love them.

    1. thanks Beth! I can't believe how good I fit I got without any real fitting!