Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Another Briar!

Sorry!  It is the last one.  I am girding myself for a most terrible project and the result is this need to do all the easy things I can first...and I am addicted to making Briars.  I am totally now a proponent of making the same pattern multiple times in a row!  I am sooo good at Briars!  not like Watson bras.

I decided on a long sleeved version of the size S, same as before: 2" lengthened, then about 1.5 tapered off the back.  I had to shorten the sleeves.  They are very long.  The viscose here is very thin and light so this is quite an airy tshirt.  I wanted to put the pocket on it but I lost the rounded pocket somewhere!!  I looked everywhere for it!  No luck tonight, no pocket.

That's the end of my Copenhagen viscose supply so for now I can promise no more Briars - lots of dresses coming up! 

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