Monday, 24 October 2016

Hey June Halifax Hoody view C in merino

I'm trying to wean myself off a Lululemon habit and a key element is a good hoody.  I loved the details of this hoody - the twill tape on the inside gives it an RTW finish that I yearn for in my own sewing.  I think I was actually interested in the Halifax hoody initially because of the cowl neck, so it's funny that's the version I have the least interest in making after buying the pattern... anyway with version C I dove into the deep end with maroon merino terry from The Fabric Store  - shipping, by the way, was literally over the weekend!  

The problem with that whole plan is that it was going to be too long, and I knew it was going to be too long.  The pattern even admits it's drafted for a 5'8" person.  Maybe it's time to start just making those inevitable pattern changes?  I'm never going to stop being short-waisted, after all.  I'm at least pretty sure I cut the size S, and  I compared the pattern pieces to those of view B which I did before, just to make sure it was narrower cut (yes.) 

I noticed after I put the body all together that I had no twill tape and speed ordered it on etsy.  However this put a kink in things.  Too bad, because terry cloth sheds bits everywhere, ugh.  I stabilized the zipper band with some thin stretchy interfacing -- my stash has been reunited so I have no idea where this stuff is from anymore.  I also noticed that the loops of terry got damaged by my feed dogs when they went back and forth, like when I reversed.  That was only really evident at the pockets, but I guess it's kind of fragile fabric.

Note to self: don't overdo it with the interfacing.

So...the last few steps took awhile.  I was daunted by the automatic buttonholer for the hood (went fine, only took one try and a quick read of the manual.)  I was daunted by the new zipper foot (learning curve was fine) and I was daunted by using the twill tape (went just fine too.) 
At the end I was totally relieved to have this thing done.  I was equally relieved that my friend M did want it, despite the interfacing hanging out and a slightly wonky zip placement - there is about 2cm at both the bottom and the top where there's no zipper.  And actually although the twill tape is a cool idea, the stuff I had was very thick, and the merino terry has a lot of loft, so it was many layers to get through the sewing machine right at the spot you want to look good -- the corner!  And my corners are kind of shoddy. 
In the end, the hoody has a new happy home, but I'm not actually convinced on the twill tape finish.  With thinner twill tape maybe.  And thinner fabric. 

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