Friday, 16 December 2016

Cali Faye Rumi top

I was strangely drawn to shapeless knit tops recently, and the Hemlock didn't exhaust my attraction.  Well, this usually wouldn't either but Andreia wrote so convincingly that I went ahead and gave it a try.  I used a piece of organic hemp knit from Siebenblau. (Have I mentioned how sad it makes me that they don't ship outside the EU?)  I knew it was a little lightweight for the pattern but I couldn't resist using it, and I did NOT narrow the pattern even though it looked suspiciously wide.  I cut the XXS which absolutely didn't match my measurements.  (33-27-37)

My one change from the pattern was the neck - I cut a single strip and sewed it onto the outside, then folded it in as though it were a facing, without too much tension, and sewed it down.  That gives a clean finish, additional support, and works well on the hemp which is not super stretchy.

Verdict is mixed.  I think if I were making this in the right season, I'd wear it.  I really like how the little sleeves give it shape.  But I think I'd cut about 2 inches out of both the front and back on a future version...

I was pretty excited that the remote for my old Pentax works on my new Pentax, but it works by infrared which means it has to have "visual" contact with the camera haha, made for some funny poses. 

So I decided to make that second version late at night after some wine, and forgot that taking 2" out on the fold meant I was removing 4".  This fabric is quite heavy, and it was really a muslin - I didn't have enough fabric scrap for the full length, but I much prefer the width of this version.  This is one I'll revisit with some sweater knits, which I think will be a better match for the pattern.

Overall I don't really understand how other people look so good in this top but I'll put it down to others using relatively lightweight, sweatery, drapey fabrics, which I didn't use at all.  I still like the sleeves, which for a very simple pattern give it one nice elegant touch.

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