Thursday, 2 March 2017

True Bias Sutton tee in Versace

I have been looking for something to do with this fabric, a white rayon (?) with silver strands woven in, by Versace, for a long time. It's a lot shinier than I usually go's from Casa dei Tessuti in Firenze and after browsing everything they had, it was one of the few things that seemed both fun and wasn't too expensive.

Initially I thought it had some stretch and wanted to make a Mission tank, but it really doesn't.  So finally I realised it's light and drapey enough to match the Sutton pattern - another thing I've had kicking around for about 2 years!

I cut a size 2, sizing down as my measurements would put me at a 4. This type of top is not something I like too baggy.

The Sutton pattern was a joy - with instructions that surprised me but produced an excellent result. I am really pleased with the clean finish.  The french seams sometimes seemed silly on this fabric, which looked very unlikely to unravel, but you can't go wrong with french seams so I carried on.  The pattern has you first finish the side seams and then sew them together as a prep for the side vent, and this is yet another spot where I wished for a serger.  That's basically my mantra lately.  I want a serger!!

I like the result more than I expected (I find the fabric kind of too outrageous.  I think.) It's quite scratchy but I like the fit, although I might shorten the body of a next version by just one inch.  This fabric had a little too much body and so it sticks out over the shoulders, but not too dramatically.   There will be more versions of this top!   

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