Friday, 15 September 2017

By Hand London Elisalex in French flowers

I first tried to sew an Elisalex during the year I was learning to sew.  I went for the version with sleeves and sized up to the 8/12.  It was awful and I was never able to salvage that dress.

I became more interested when I saw that By Hand London had released a revised version of the dress, with improvements for the sleeveless version and a bit less tulip in the skirt.  Since my original version was on paper, I emailed them and very shortly received the updates as a pdf.

This time I went sleeveless, 6/10.  I removed about 8" of the skirt pattern - 1 entire sheet of paper in length.  The fabric is cotton with a brushed feel, which I got in Paris a few years ago.  It is beautiful fabric although I tend to avoid too much in the way of flowers, and I thought it had stretch and was going to make a Morris with it ages ago, but alas, it doesn't.  So it is an Elisalex instead!

I noticed the irritating mirror pattern across the butt quite awhile after I made this dress, which must be a sign of how much I love it.

The pattern is straightforward.  I had no problems with it.
And then came the real shock - this dress fits.  Like for real fits.  This is amazing.  I made no changes and the straps aren't too long and the bust isn't puffy.

No effort, magic dress.  I'm in love and I already have a version planned involving lemons.  (Who doesn't, these days?)  I hope I will have enough time to make it before I move! (Update: no chance.  See you next year...)

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