Saturday, 26 May 2018

ACcH cowl in Outlaw Vanitas DK

I really wanted to make my friend Kate a cowl from this endless yarn that I have (Outlaw Vanitas DK). Five skeins have lasted me through so many projects that I am basically sick of it, though initially it was a colour I loved.  We thrive on variation...

I really wanted to make the thorn stitch cowl.  It is a free pattern and looks so beautiful!  I had planned to do it in Nepal but of course my queue of projects was longer than the time I had.  Then I mentioned it to Kate, because I was going to also shorten it and make it much smaller, and it ends up she, being an artist, loved the idea of a massive droopy cowl.  Hm.  So I had to go full size...

I cast on, which took so many attempts because of counting all the stitches not being my strong point, and then after three rows I realised I simply could not do the pattern.  I mean, I couldn't get my needle into the stitches.  I couldn't do the thorn thing.  It involves turning three stitches into one and I could not do it.  So I went hunting for a quick and easy cowl, as I thought I would be leaving soon and wanted the project done within the week.

I settled on this pattern, ACcH, which I found by hunting around on Ravelry.

I liked the droopiness of it, but I also thought it would be simple enough for me to get through pretty quickly and I liked how you actually do the increases by changing needle size, which is pretty neat.  It took me almost exactly one skein of yarn to do the whole thing.

Kate likes it but I suspect she would love something Even More Massive and Droopy so I have space for improvement for another time. I think that I need to use bigger yarn to satisfy her, this yarn is beautiful though I am thoroughly sick of it, but it's very drapey and relatively fine for a DK weight yarn.

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