Friday, 25 May 2018

Eased sweater by Alicia Plummer, and associated life limbo

The plans for this sweater sprung fully formed a year ago, in Flagstaff, when I fell in love with the colourway Pocion of Malabrigo Mecha.  I bought all the supplies and thought the sweater might not even be too hard for me.  Then it had to stay behind due to the usual luggage constraints of my life.

Fast forward to my stuff, idling with my parents in Seattle.  I was feeling relatively competent with knitting after my four months in Nepal.  I thought maybe I could whip this out in a few weeks before leaving Seattle to wait out my visa-limbo in New Zealand.  I got the body halfway done before I left...the rest of the sweater was a lazy process dependent on the weather not being too hot or sticky to knit.  New Zealand summer hasn't made me in a hurry to finish this warm jersey!

I skipped all length below the waist, assuming that I wouldn't want any hip shaping.  Otherwise I followed the pattern knitting for the second smallest size.  I think I tend to size down too much in my knitting - things fit but with a lot of negative ease.  This too.  When I tried it on before starting the sleeves I was a little worried I had gone overboard with shortening the waist.  When I wear it I am definitely pulling it down a lot.

It was a great project to move on with - a few new things but mostly stabilising the knowledge I have and not too overwhelming.  Working with size 10 needles also makes things go along really fast.  The weather kept me at a slow pace, but finally, it's done!! In fact, just the day the weather hit 9 degrees, I put it on and wore it for two days before even thinking about blocking it, or weaving in the one last loose end.  I will do those things eventually but of course now it's too cold and nothing dries - but I want to see whether I can pull it a bit longer.

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