Sunday, 21 July 2013

Lisette 2059 -Continental blouse.

My second sewing attempt was in the wake of my excitement about project #1s success.  I was really thrilled with this blue spotted fabric from Global Fabrics in Wellington.  On this one I cut a size 12, assuming that I wanted more ease compared to the Lisette dress I had done, and also going by my measurements on the envelope.  This was a mistake!  The first shirt was big and even when I pulled in the side seams it was still floating all over me.  So I gave it to a friend and made a second one.  (I didn't take pictures of the first one before giving it away, but the spots were big at the bottom and graduated to small at the top.)

This seems to be possible because I hadn't learned about fabric width - most often in New Zealand it seems to be 150 cm. So I had huge amounts of leftover fabric for my two projects.  Enough, in fact, to squeeze two shirts out of the spots.  I had to move the spots around of course.

I cut a size 8 this time, as I had with the Passport dress.  It became increasingly evident that I may not ever need to make a bust adjustment but the Lisette patterns are not cut to accommodate my wide shoulders.  In the final version of the shirt I feel it pulling across my upper chest and if it had less overall ease it would be uncomfortable to pull my arms up.

In the end the shirt came out looking ok, but I don't think I would try to improve on this pattern in the future.  Trying it on again for our impromptu indoor photo session actually made me more fond of it!  Maybe I'll like it more in the summer since it's a very lightweight cotton fabric. 

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