Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Lisette 2209- Passport dress

During my online shopping spree, one good friend of mine accepted my offer to make her a dress.  She picked the Passport dress out of my Lisette offerings.  So I got fabric to make two of them.  I made them at the same time.

Most of this construction was straightforward.  I cut a size 10 this time going by the finished dress size, and as before I gave myself a little extra room by hemming the side seams together very narrowly.  For my friend Sarah I didn't have to do this as she is slightly smaller than I am.  I used the dress for me as a muslin preparing the skills, and then copied them on her dress.

The pleats at the waist gave me pause because I think I might have done them the wrong way.  Is that possible?  The waist seems to billow out a bit.  Other than that, the dress is cute.  Unfortunately here I think my choice of fabric was terrible...after we had chosen fabric I searched online and found that this dress has more popularity than some of the others I've done, but no one else used the two-fabric scheme.  Before we bought fabric, I didn't know to hunt for the dress online and see what other sewers were doing.  However, Sarah's dress turned out well and I'm pleased with it. I did something funny at the armhole seams because it was the first time I made my own bias tape. It looks ok, just odd since there's no matching tape around the neck.  Another great thing about this dress is that the facings are held in place by the armholes so although they are still present, they don't flop.

 Sorry about that one being sideways...

I did realise that I have no idea how to do invisible zippers.  My zippers were terrible, especially where they cross the midline, since I couldn't quite get my seams to match up.  This seems to be a skill I need to practice!  

Yet again, my dress is a bit of a fail - not something I'm too keen to wear to work so it's being passed on.  I might consider doing this dress again in a single fabric but not any time soon.  It's quite comfortable...the lesson on this one is the subtle one about picking the right stuff to match the design, I guess. 

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