Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Grainline Scout tee - total fail

I was coveting the Scout after I saw so many people making so many variations of it.  After all...making dresses is fun but quality wardrobe basics are probably a more useful achievement.

So, teal merino wool!  I started to have nightmares when I realised my first Scout was to be in a stretch knit -my first stretch knit top, although my confidence is up a bit after my long underwear success.  So I sized down to a 2 for this one assuming I would want very little ease.  This seems to be a lesson in learning how to match the correct fabric to the correct pattern.  Even in a size 2, the Scout came out massive and shapeless.  Before I started on the bias binding I had already written it off.  Sewing it was ok, I used a ballpoint needle but I didn't do anything else particularly special.  I didn't really have wide enough bias tape to follow the instructions so after sewing it on I just flipped it over and stitched in the ditch.  Not always created a very narrow neckline. 

I do think that the Scout pattern might work well for a silk top that I have planned.  I will probably size down to a 0 without making any other changes - in that structured fabric I suspect I'll have more success.  Because I wasn't so good at the bias tape bindings, I might use actual bias tape on the silk version to get a better result. 

Oh but this was my first Indie pattern!  Lots more in the works!

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