Thursday, 29 August 2013

Kwik Sew 1672 - men's boxer shorts.

P wanted some boxer shorts so I took a break from useless stuff for me and cut him a pair out of scraps from one of my dresses.

The Kwik Sew pattern is nice!  It's color coded on paper thicker than the usual tissue.  It's also nice to have a pattern that is only two pieces : )  The most time I spent fiddling with the fly opening, and I did this over two evenings because I was also trying to finish up a few other projects.  (Working on three things at once has some benefits but it seems like everything gets done at the same time!)  The elastic went in without any trouble.  I especially liked how the instructions had me sew down the elastic at each quadrant, before I sewed along it, since this held it down really nicely.

Overall I think this is my best finished project yet...but it would be hard to mess up.

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