Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Grainline Scout in silk - take 2

I thought I would give the Scout one more try.  I had a remnant of heavyweight black silk and this seemed like a great use for it.  I don't know what kind of silk it is, but ironing it turns it shiny (oops) and I can actually hear my needle snicking in and out of it.  Pins, needless to say, were a torment to put into it and so one goal of this easy construction was to use no pins.  Luckily the silk is very well behaved so that wasn't too crazy of an idea...

I unfortunately didn't notice that my roll end had a little chunk cut out of the bottom when it was folded.  As it was I had to cut two pieces to get my back length and the little triangular hole was a source of some creative reflection.  Also no way was I going to cut bias tape for this.  The only silk bias tape I had was white so I went with that. 

I cut a size 0.  For a perfect fit I would have found the size 0 with size 2 armholes to be better. I pleated the sleeves as I sewed since I didn't want to bother with gathers, and it miraculously almost matches on both sides!

I still don't love the Scout and I doubt I'll make it again because even the size 0 is shapeless.  There's nothing about it that makes me want to try out my barely-there drafting skills...

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  1. I'd wear this! It looks a bit on the short side for the torso length. I like em' long, as you know... But I've been loving loose, drapey tops lately.