Thursday, 26 September 2013

Papercut Patterns undercover hood

I was demoralised after the Anna.  I still had a whole weekend before leaving on my holiday.  So naturally I decided to throw in a last quick project.  This took a mere few hours out of Sunday and although (eck, as always?) it doesn't fit, the changes are minimal and I think I will make it again, 2 inches shorter in the body and sleeves.

Maybe more than two inches?  Excuse the photos, they are my first attempt at using the self timer.  I am going to hunt for nice outdoor locations in future but I was too rushed before the holiday.  I cut out the XS.  The pattern does not provide a lot of hand-holding for beginners - for instance, it just says "neaten seams" leaving you to decide how to do that.  I was really glad for the Jalie long underwear experience, as that pattern suggested sewing the seam allowance and then zig zagging the edge, and that technique worked really well here.  In fact, it made me pretty cheery to work with this knit - a green merino wool with loads of stretch that I got at the end of winter sale at Global Fabrics, in Wellington.  Nothing like a pattern - and result- that is 100% New Zealand!!  Everything fit together without a hitch.  I did use the ball point needle which I've just made habit for all knits, although I have no clue how much it matters. 

Just that it's so long it could be a dress...
Luckily I have a taller friend who might be a happy new owner of this hoody. 
I could have cut out the XXS and I think the fit would also have been fine, it has quite a bit of ease.
Also it could be super cute with the hood lining and the pocket in a different fabric...

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