Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Fall Essentials Sewalong!

It has taken me awhile to completely make sense of the cool and sort-of group sewing activities out there.  Who starts them?  Who passes along the word?  It also took me ages to figure out how to get the buttons on my blog!  Not to mention joining Flickr and pinterest.  Have I really been that out of touch with technology??

So now that I'm discovering this great new world, I decided it was high time to join the Fall Essentials sewalong, as well as the wrap dress sewalong put on by Miss Dibs.  My fall basics are actually my spring/summer basics and they will be stressed to the hilt since I'm travelling for all of January in hot climes.  So this is a chance to make basics that I want to travel with, and that will travel well...and not things that hit the op-shop the minute I leave town.  (As have some of my previous not-so-success dresses.)  Not to mention it's a chance to use lots of local merino wool!

-Another Renfrew tshirt.
-Thurlow jeans
-Minoru spring jacket
-Colette Sorbetto tank top (actually, WHY has it taken me so long to get around to this?  I am reminded by how AWESOME everyone else's look!)
-Papercut Coppelia
-Skater dress in merino wool

The first few weeks of November are quite busy for me, but I've already got a couple of these projects well underway so I'm hoping to make it by the end of the month!

Not to mention my two wrap dresses - the Colette Crepe, and Vogue 8784, which seems to be the Vogue dress everyone wanted to make when it came out...and then no-one made! 

Here's to fall (or spring!) sewing together!

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