Sunday, 20 October 2013

Papercut undercover hood, take 2

I had enough green merino left for a second undercover hood.  Except for the hood lining - I did that in blue cotton knit leftover from my Renfrew tshirt.  (The bright sunlight washes that out but it is blue!)

This time I made a few changes - I shortened the body and the sleeves each by 2 inches.  I did the XS again.  After working with leather and the walking foot it was a bit strange to get used to a stretchy knit again...but this pattern is easy and satisfying!  It took about 2 evenings to complete and that was with taking quite a few breaks to do other things.

I used the ballpoint needle, and I stitched normally and finished the edges with a zigzag. 

Probably the XXS would have fit better in the body, and next time I make it will shorten the pocket bottom by an inch because I don't like how it hangs.  This knit merino is also very light so the hoody might drape better in a heavier knit.  But I love the blue hood lining!  I didn't understitch it because I liked how it is cozy around my face that way.  

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