Thursday, 14 November 2013

Papercut Patterns Constellation Collection!

If you haven't heard of Papercut patterns, now is the time to discover them.  Katie designs unique and quirky patterns and the pattern instructions are fun and straightforward.  Also, with lladybird Lauren running the website, it's been invigorated with new activity and a sew-along.  I have so far made the Undercover Hood twice and have three more lying on the floor (mostly for other people!).  I also have about three other Papercut patterns in my queue...

But there is a new collection, and it is fabulous!!  If you haven't spied anything from the Constellation Collection, go look!  They are on sale now, but I believe the sale ends today. 

My particular favourites of the moment are:

The Saiph Tunic.
Could this be colorblocked in green and blue silk?  Hm...I'm thinking a sleeveless version for summer.

and the Sigma Dress.
I'm already imagining a silk version with this scary expensive Roberto Cavalli silk that I got.  Or a Liberty print!  But for a trial run, hm...must sort my scraps.

I'm off to daydream!  I really have too many projects lined up and only about 2 months left in New Zealand to get them done, but I couldn't resist ordering these straightaway.  It protects the environment, right?  I'm only having them shipped in New Zealand instead of to a far-off country!!

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