Sunday, 24 November 2013

Papercut Undercover Hoody marathon

Yes, I've already made two.
So now I made three more!

I did some minor fit changes to each one - they weren't all for me : )  Although I was perfectly happy to model them in the interests of a complete blog.  The cut is the size XS.  For me, in pink, I took out 1" of the centre front.  For my friend Sarah, in cotton purple knit with a terry inner finish, I took the same 1" out of the back.  I also left hers at the normal length, because she likes things long.  For Ellie, in ocean blue merino, I kept the size XS without any changes from the pattern. Except that I took about 2" out of the sleeves on all of them.  The sleeves on the pattern are looooong!

It was cool to see these small changes and the impact they had on the overall fit.  But I think the most important thing to see was how different fabric changed the design completely.  This hoody, in my opinion, is best in a heavyweight jersey or knit.  Both the blue and purple hoodies are heavier than the pink, and also much heavier than the lightweight green merino I used for the first two versions.  I like that a lot more.

It's me with the self timer again...we still aren't friends

On Sarah's, because the inside was a nubbly stuff that was getting everywhere, I decided to line the pocket.  There were so many benefits to that - no seam in the pocket, easier to sew on, and also it added structure to the knit.  I did the same with mine (and wanted to line my hood, but I didn't have enough cotton fabric left.)  I think that my pink hoody will still be a nice summerweight option but if I made this again I would stick to the heavy stuff, and probably just size down to an XXS.  And yes, enough hoodies for now!  On to some other Papercut patterns...


  1. hooray! I am so excited. those are great looking hoodies! hugs

  2. The hoody is amazing for jogging :-)