Sunday, 10 November 2013

V-neck Sewaholic Renfrew

To start out, I widened the shoulders 1 inch.  I cut 1 inch off the final length (I had taken 2 inches off the previous Renfrew and kept trying to yank it down a bit, so....)

The v-neck was a bit challenging but super fun!  Hah!  Everything is fun after the Minoru : )  I was pretty pleased how my v turned out, it's about 1 mm off centre and it is mostly obvious when I look down.  Also my sewing machine isn't too fond of the very very stretchy knit and it seemed like I had to pull the fabric through the machine, and lengthen my stitch length a lot so it didn't snaggle up in the feed dogs.  I was using the ball point needle and I did wonder if I should give that stretch needle a try.

This fabric was much looser than the blue cotton.  Because of that I think all my changes were unnecessary...I really should have left the length a bit shorter.  The wide vneck totally compensated for my shoulders.  If I do this again I will probably leave off the sleeve and bottom bindings for a more normal tshirt look.  But it's still fabulous!  I made my own tshirts : )