Monday, 18 November 2013

Vogue 8784 - the wrap dress everyone is "about to do"

So I usually try to get some idea ahead of time about my projects by looking online.  With this one I was stymied, because everyone seems to have written in their blogs, as of December 2012, that they were *about* to do this dress!  Any minute now!  But only about 4 finished reviews, and only one or two with detailed information.

Since I was planning to use a Liberty lawn, I didn't want to mess it up!  Also it takes huge amounts of fabric.  My lining was supposed to be bemberg, which I got from MacCulloch & Wallace.  But it has a funny feel to it.  Anyway I didn't have any other white lining so I still used it.  I don't know those tests to do to figure out what a fabric is, but my Bemberg from Mood drapes like silk, whereas this stuff had a funny wrinkle to it.  When I look at it against the light it has lines in it like a waterproof nylon lining would.  Shrug. 

Before hemming, close up view

After hemming.  Sorry, tights not so flattering.  And I'm not even going to start wondering if my hem is straight.

Overall I think this pattern proves I have graduated from beginner's school.  It' s a Very Easy Vogue, and it felt easy!  I still made dumb mistakes but they were more from lack of attention, rather than lack of knowledge.  And it's the most beautifully finished dress ever since I actually did hand slipstitch the lining together at the waist.  Of course the hem was annoying since my lining was partly cut on the bias and sagged in some spots, making it longer than the dress...I had to debate for days to figure out how to deal with this.  I ended up hemming the dress, then opening the side seams a bit, cutting about 4 inches off the lining and hemming it again.  Also I had forgotten to finish the skirt seams since it was lined - the lining is free of the skirt so I should have done all the finishing prior to attaching them.  Lately it seems like the finishing steps take me longer than the sewing-together steps of most of my projects!  But those finishing steps are the ones that give an item its longevity -finishing seams and making sure no loose bits are hanging out.  (I still often have lots of those!)

The size 10 fits well enough, but I am pretty sure a size 8 would have also fit fine.  Once I am wearing the dress I feel like I'm strangling my waist trying to get the neckline tighter.  This is actually a great wrap dress for larger busted girls because it has excellent frontal overlap and it has pleats (a la BHL Anna!) so there is lots of booby room (even too much for me, and some weird fact of bra physics calls me a 32D). I didn't make any changes to the pattern.   I think it's relieved some of my panic about using Liberty fabrics, too!  I would definitely make this again, maybe updating it a bit by cutting it 3 inches shorter and using the size 8.


  1. omg I want this! it looks so lovely on you. Enjoy the warm months... here it is v snowy

    1. Ah it would actually look awesome on you! I keep readjusting the chest trying to make it tighter...I don't have enough to fill it! I'll keep the pattern, I can make it for you sometime : )