Thursday, 5 December 2013

Kitschy Coo Lady Skater in Merino

This is the Lady Skater pattern by Kitschy Coo.  It's such a nice, simple design and all the reviews have been pretty spectacular.

Once I got through the boring pdf cutting/pasting, I cut out a size 3 based on my high-bust measure of 34.  I was using a very stretchy thick brown merino wool to start, and I have a second skater planned in a tighter knit.  I wasn't sure if I'd need to go up a size, but in fact I'm wondering if I should have gone down a size!  I used a stretch needle as recommended (I didn't notice any difference from the ball-point needle I usually use for knits.)

The construction of the skater is very fast and the instructions are available in a long or a short version, as you prefer.  I went by the short version, which means I didn't finish most of my seams...I had a lot of trouble getting the clear elastic to actually sew onto the dress.  I'm wondering if using a straight stitch instead of a zig zag would help, or if it would then not be stretchy any more  My elastic kept zig zagging straight off the wool!

Otherwise, this was super fast and easy.  I cut it in the morning and sewed it in the afternoon!
For my next version I will definitely be making it shorter both in length and in the bodice, but I think that with my less-stretchy knit, I will not go down a size. 

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