Thursday, 19 December 2013

ok FINE, another Grainline Scout

Fair enough, I made a few weird Scouts.  One was a knit and I totally ignored any knit modifications.  The other was a size 0 and I couldn't lift my arms.  And it was short.  So it seemed fair to give it another try, especially since I had this incredible Nani Iro doubleweave gauze - a tiny piece.  And I couldn't think of anything else that would fit on it.  And it's about 30 degrees outside, and Australia next month will surely be even hotter, so woven gauze sounds like a perfect wardrobe choice right now.


I had to cut the back as two pieces.  Also I was following the Polly top technique for putting the bias binding on so I sewed it to the inside first, and then didn't have enough bias tape thickness to fold it over the front.  So I left the frayed edge around the neckline...that's an, erm, style point!  Not a mistake...

Other than that it was a straight size 2.  I should do a wide shoulder adjustment if I do this top again.  I still do not really like the pattern.  I know everyone else loves it, so not sure what's up with me - my need to be contrary?

I do have to say that the doubleweave gauze is the most awesome cotton fabric I have ever worn.  I adored this during the day I wore it at work, but found myself *really* wishing for that wide-shoulder adjustment.

I'll give this one a more intense test run during my month in Australia and see how it measures up!


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    1. I actually love the gauze so much that I love this shirt even though the shoulder thing is bothersome. I wish I could have gotten more of it!