Sunday, 15 December 2013

Papercut Coppelia

This was made with an incredibly stretchy bamboo rayon from Mood - a wonderful friend brought it for me when she came visiting from the States.  It's super stretchy!

I followed a lot of lladybird's advice and commentary before making this.  I made a size XXS, and lengthened it by 2 inches (which honestly considering how short waisted I am, was unnecessary and I won't do it again).  I considered taking 1 inch out of the back but decided to leave the pattern alone, I guess I am still a bit burnt by all my unnecessary Thurlow changes...I knew that I could shave a bit off the side seams if I needed to.  I also cut the neckband about 3 inches shorter than it was supposed to be so that it would be a bit tighter.  With the incredible stretch of my fabric I knew I couldn't go too wrong.  What I did notice is that there's a limit to how tight you can pull it because the waist tie is attached at the bottom of the front - you can only overlap up to the edge of the front, which wasn't quite enough.  That makes this a rather loose wrap top, not something I could wear alone.

Construction was straightforward and I didn't have any problems.  I used a stretch needle and I finished the seams with a zig zag stitch.  It's easily a one-day project but I spread it out between other things so it took a few days.

This is definitely another pattern I'd be comfortable making a few of, and tweaking the fit a bit!  I don't mind how loose it is in the bamboo but for my next, Merino version I might take that inch out of the back.  I noticed in the photos that it looks very sloppy and that's pretty annoying - I am tempted to wrap it on the side but that doesn't seem to be very flattering. 

Voila, Coppelia!

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