Sunday, 15 December 2013

Papercut Peter and the Wolf Pants

I put these off until after my Thurlows because I wanted to try a full fly and get some practice with pants fitting.  But I was soooo excited and it was hard to hold off.  Then at the last minute I decided to do a wearable muslin made out of leftover brown hemp-tencel.  It's great feeling fabric with zero stretch.  That is a key fact, and maybe not a very smart choice.

I shorted the pattern by 2 inches and made an XS.  I didn't make any other changes although my side seam might have been 5/8 on the left due to my zipper (I'm not actually sure.)  My invisible zip is not very invisible...

lots of extra fabric in the butt - what modification do I need?

These pants are a mixed bag.  On many they are not very flattering because of the width presented in the hips.  Totally the case on me!!  They are suuuuuper tight across the thighs due to that zero stretch, but I think the hemp will relax, so I'm not going to let them out.  And the length is really not flattering.  I think for my real pair, which is going to be made of a stretchy fabric, I will keep the original length.  On me that will make them normal pants-length, and I think that balances out the hip width.  I guess a curved waistband would be nicer, but I don't know how to make one and I'm not too bothered.

The positive?  I adore the pockets.  I love the topstitching.  These pants, when done well, clearly have the potential to look professional.  And they are super easy to make.

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  1. I like the pants, your outfit is great - I follow your blog via GFC.