Thursday, 19 December 2013

stretch silk Lady Skater

This is a living example of how different fabrics change a pattern.  This particular fabric is a (not-very) stretchy silk twill, I think.  It has certain shifty silk characteristics, but with weights on, it was pretty easy to cut out without distortion.  And it's easier to sew than the merino I used for my first skater dress!  I did kind of grimace at just how tight I had to pull the neck binding, but it doesn't show.

The topstitching along the binding edges was unusually awesome and straight!

I have to thank my coworker Jennifer, who is getting quite enthusiastic about taking blog photos (although she insisted on some greenery instead of all urban chic...)  I adore this dress!  Even if maybe it's a bit short for work...

I used the same size as the merino skater - a size 3.  In this much tighter knit, it's a perfect fit (although as always a wide shoulder adjustment would have been awesome).  I noticed after washing my first skater that the skirt weight pulls the dress much longer - this lighter-weight silk doesn't do that.  I managed to squeeze cap sleeves onto my tiny piece of fabric by cutting the skirt 3 inches shorter.  (Maybe a touch too short!)  Using the bad*ss instructions meant I was finishing my seams as an afterthought, but I did finish most of them with a zigzag stitch.  Also, I didn't have the trouble this time getting the clear elastic sewn on.

I have known for awhile that I should start to shorten my bodices, and this dress would also benefit from about 1/2" out of the bodice...and a swayback alteration...I am still so against such an ugly name that I haven't learnt how to do the alteration yet.  What swayback??  I don't have a swayback!!  (except that apparently I do, ugh.)

I waited a long time to make this dress!  I really didn't want to mess up my incredibly beautiful stretch silk, and I'm super happy with the result!  The only thing I notice with the skaters is that I always have so much stuff at the waist seam that it sticks out - the layers of fabric plus the clear elastic don't all settle down flat.  I know it's a fact of the pattern but I still find it annoying because I never ever ever wear belts.  

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  1. I like your outfit:)

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