Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Sewaholic Cambie

I cut this project ahead of time, but started it just upon returning from my Christmas holiday.  With one week left to go before I move, I was feeling pretty stressed and wanted Cambie to go really well, not cause trouble, and to look awesome at the end.  I have a beautiful second Cambie waiting...if if if this pattern didn't cause trouble.

The fabric is a silk-cotton jacquard that I got from ramie and linen on etsy.  They are a wonderful resource and I have bought many other fabrics there (notably my incredible to-die-for stretch silk.)  The outside has an incredible shimmer to it, and with the lining this is a really warm dress...too warm for summer...

I cut a size 4.  I didn't make any alterations to the pattern, and quickly realised I should have gone down to a size 0 at the hips.  I don't like how much the hips stick out.  For the lining I used Japanese cotton batiste for the bodice and black bemberg for the skirt.  That way it will be a good winter dress.

As has been my issue lately, I have no clue how to finish my seams.  I zigzagged the pockets and left everything else.  Eventually the skirt seams all got attacked by my pinking shears, but I suspect this is not a mature way to end things.  Probably it's another topic I'll have to tackle in a few month's time, but I do see that my sewing machine has some interesting stitches I could probably use to finish my seams.

But overall, this went exactly as I hoped!  I could have shortened the skirt by about 4 more inches, and I did go the lazy way out and just hemmed the skirt by machine.  I really don't like the hips sticking out so much, but by keeping this version of the dress a bit long it does balance out.  And the way the lining goes in, as everybody has mentioned so many times, is magical.  Utterly magical.  I'm in love with how beautifully this dress is finished and I want to do everything like this forever.  And my waist and neckline just about match up perfectly!

This dress fits exactly right, except for that 1 inch bodice shortening that I have not yet implemented.  Another fix for the next version...which won't be coming up soon, sadly. 


  1. I absolutely love the look of this dress! So pretty. Nice work.

  2. When even my pessimistic coworkers are impressed, I know I've done a good job! Yay!