Thursday, 13 February 2014

silk-cotton Papercut Sigma

I spent all winter making summer dresses.  Hm, deja vu?  My excuse is that when I cut this out it was summer!  Stupid northern hemisphere.

This wasn't my first project to jump into this past week.  However, Necchi and velvet didn't get along so I moved onto this.  My mother finally dragged the Singer/not a Singer out of the closet and after some initial noise that sounded like a lawn mower, it is working pretty smoothly.  I don't know whether to blame the Necchi or my materials for my agony over the latest project, but more on that later.

Yeah...those are my awesome backward pockets...

This sewed up really quickly!  I was sooo excited for it and it's cute and of course will make a delightful spring or summer dress (arggg!  I'm NOT happy about winter!  It snowed today!  It never snows in Seattle!)  However I had some issues.  The first was about the pockets.  The instructions have you put some interfacing on the front of the skirt and attach the front pockets.  They then blithely tell you to attach the back of the skirt.  Um...what about the rest of the pockets?  Since this method was new to me and seemed really fiddly and stupid, I did the second pocket in a more intuitive way (I hear Lizzy saying now that intuition always wins over instructions!) which was to apply the front and the back pockets to their respective skirt pieces, and then sew one single seam from the top of the pocket to the bottom of the skirt.  The only thing that I totally missed in my irritation was regarding the floppy pocket tops, which have to be sewn into the waist, the front part of the waist yeah, I have two backward facing pockets.  And I'm not moving them!!

I also feel like the skirt poofs out a lot, it ends up reminding me of the Elisalex skirt.  Other people's don't look that way.  I am not sure if the version without gathers is the same, or if I did something to make it particularly puffy.  I only hemmed it about 1/2".  It feels a little silly but everyone else has said it looks good so I'm not sure.  Overall this dress is easy to wear and comfortable but it does seem a bit loose.  Next time I also might shorten the upper bust darts slightly. 

The silk-cotton was a joy to work with.  The sewing machine got quieter as I worked (oiling itself?) and after my struggles on the previous project it was quite a relief to be doing something trouble free.


Papercut Patterns Sigma from the Constellation collection.
Size XS, no alterations, view 2
Fabric: silk-cotton blend from global fabrics in Wellington.
outcome: I'll do it again, with some changes

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