Thursday, 21 August 2014

Deer & Doe Plantains: birds and stripes

I was excited about this top ages ago and was even thinking of making it in Switzerland, but the onerous task of printing and cutting and taping held me back (although it wasn't terrible in the end).  When I finally made the first one, it was for a friend but whetted my since it's my birthday and I can do whatever I want, I made two!
BIRDS!! Charley Harper birds!!!  What could be more amazing?

My coworker Alexx wanted some attention too!

Thanks to Chris the xray tech who took these nice photos. 

This is a super easy pattern to make.  It depends basically on your bust measure and is free flowing from there.  I cut a 38, which is the same as my Belladone.  (I'm 34.5, 27, 37)  I made the vireos up in a day in between working on two other projects, and did the stripes later the same week in between 13-hr shifts at work and surfing for my birthday! 

Westport, WA.  My local surf beach, and my birthday!  Best combination : )

The pattern is four pieces and comes together like basically all simple knit tee shirts: front, back, sleeves, neckline.  The amazingness of it is in the cut - dips a bit low in the front, and with this fabulous flare at the waist.  My evil Necchi did fine with the very stable knit vireos.  I sewed it up with a straight stitch and a ballpoint needle, and zigzagged to finish each seam. 

I used the recommended mid-length sleeves for the vireos, and so I lengthened it a bit on the stripes because that fell at an awkward spot for me.  I skipped the elbow patches because I don't care for them.  I made a single effort at stripe matching but cutting the stripes with the underarm at the same spot.  You can see that it just about worked.  I was disappointed in the striped version - it's so me that it feels a little too much like me circa 1996.  In fact, when I pair it with navy jeans, I think I had just about the same outfit in 1996...

I can see making this up in a sweater fact...I have an idea!  You may see another Plantain soon. 

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