Monday, 8 September 2014

Papercut ooh la leggings

My friend Sarah gave me this pattern in a size XS.  She has been trying to make these but has had trouble choosing fabric with the right amount of stretch. 

I went with some nearly tissue thin silk-viscose blend.  It's very soft and drapey.  I had enough leftover for a Renfrew top (almost...).  I hadn't thought ahead to how much my Necchi dislikes lightweight knits. 

Cutting progressed with the help of my weights (various carabiners as always).  The instructions are great and it's an easy project to put together.  I found that if I pulled tension on the back side of my fabric, it didn't squash up under the needle as badly and my stitches came out ok.  Once I started doing that I had less trouble, although the fabric was a pain to deal with.  I have limited sensation in my fingertips and it's hard to pin fabric when I can't even feel it!  I also straight stitched the waistband down and so that is actually tighter than my elastic - which could have been a bit tighter.  It's a touch higher than I would like, so folding the waistband over gets me exactly the snugness and the height that I like.  I am pretty satisfied with these leggings, although they are definitely a layering item for under dresses.  I think that this fabric is so light that it's hard to mess up.  I'm not sure how they would fit in a heavier fabric or a fabric with more elasticity. 

Sorry the photos are very unflattering.  They are indeed tissue thin white leggings...

I will likely experiment more with this pattern when I have a real sewing machine (not the terrible Singer I have in Switzerland or my borrowed Necchi, which, incidentally is now broken...)  The pattern is easy - I agree with Sarah that fabric choice is the real issue, because if the fabric doesn't have enough stretch or enough return, the leggings will sag or rip.

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