Friday, 26 December 2014

Papercut Anima pants with woodpeckers

I planned this project ages ago.  I modified the pattern:
-drew the leg into more of a straight leg (still not enough.)
-omitted pockets and fly.
-cut 1'' off the front waist height by making a 1" wedge at the front center that ended at the seam allowance.

What I forgot was to undo the 3 inches I removed from the pattern last time.  I hastily tried to add it on the bottom (unevenly), but even with the addition of lovely red cuffs, they are a bit short (and the right pants leg, which is my longer leg, is sadly shorter...)  The other thing that I forgot was an embarrassing oversight carried over from July or thereabouts.  I bought a lovely red remnant to use as the waistband...a woven remnant, never realising it would not work.  I applied the waistband using the technique outlined by Kim, and I even sewed the three layers of stitching - it was so pretty!  Then I could not by aaaaaany means get it to stretch enough to attach to the pants.  And I still didn't figure it out!  The next morning I finally realised what I had done wrong, and I bought some red binding to use.  It worked out well because the ersatz waistband worked perfectly as contrast cuffs.

Luckily they turned out acceptable for loungepants.  If there is a next time, I will make them even more wide leg (and of course longer).  But I might make the Tofino woven loungepants instead.  I am kind of bored with the narrow legs on these.

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