Saturday, 28 February 2015

Burda 8237 miniskirt

 This is such an easy skirt pattern that anyone could presumably draft it themselves (but we don't want to!)  It has two back darts and an inside waist facing.  I cut the lining exactly like the main skirt, then basted the lining and the facing together.  I applied them to the skirt as one, and then folded the bottom facing edge in and sewed that down.  It makes it look almost like it has a waistband.  I finished the zip by sewing the lining to the zip tape in the seam allowance and for once my zip sits nicely at the bottom. Must new sewing machine!  Maybe I will talk more about that some other time.

When I assessed my theoretical size on the chart (12) and measured the pattern piece (waist 30! 3 inches of ease, crazy people.) I decided to cut that size anyway so that the skirt would hang just above my hips, and it does.  It is perfect.  The back waistband is curved and the front waistband is flat, so for me that evades the whole swayback issue.  I did not change the length at all, although by wearing it lower it's de facto a touch longer.  I'm 165 cm so keep in mind that this is a MINIskirt for sure on people with longer legs. 

I finally have my sewing groove back after being sick and making boring projects from last year.  I have absolutely no need for a skirt with racing horses on it.  I love it!!  I also am wildly in love with Steel & Cotton, the fabric company.  I'm not sure how I've gotten brainwashed to be in love with fabric companies, but I also stalk Art Gallery fabrics, and I am so so so sad that I can't access any of their pretty fabrics in person.  I have finally started very slowly buying a few things on etsy.  It's frustrating to do without seeing it, but even with extortionate shipping to Switzerland (really, does it cost $20 to ship 2 meters of fabric??), it's cheaper than trying to source here.  (a meter of Art Gallery knit was selling for 35 franks in the shop.)

But anyway, I got these horses in 1000 Stoffe in Berlin.  The shop was small but amazing and I had a delightful chat with the girl who works there.  I fell in love with this fabric immediately and knew it was fated to be this skirt.

The lining is silk charmeuse.  Live a makes my skirt feel expensive.  It's from the garment district in LA, when I cleverly bought about 5 meters of totally useless colours that I now have lying around.


  1. Fantastic skirt! I love that horse print - I finally gave in and bought some in the yellow colour way the other day, despite the crazy expensive shipping to NZ. Cotton and Steel have such gorgeous fabrics, don't they?!

  2. Thanks I adore the print, but I think I wouldn't have realised it by looking online. I know shipping to NZ is high, but you are lucky to have The Fabric Store! I miss that place so badly, had no idea such shops aren't common in the rest of the world...

  3. It looks more mini when not on your body. On it looks totally reasonable! And very cute too :)