Tuesday, 24 February 2015

By Hand London Anna, version 4

With version 4 I think I'm finally tired of working on Anna.  This version was supposed to be the summary of everything I learnt: V-neck is better, size 6/10 is better, lined is better, and short is better.  Plus pockets!

Fabric: silk-cotton blend from emmaonesock, lined with Bemberg.
Zip: too short, more on that later.
Technique: Did everything for each bodice, then sewed the neck and sleeves together.  Understitched, and the pulled it through, and sewed the sides shut.  I added the skirts after that, then the zip using the Cambie method of applying it to the outside, then sewing the lining to the zip tape in between the layers.

Honestly, it was a straightforward make...

The caveats:
-The lining changes the way the sleeves and neck drape.
-Because of the lining, I forgot to take that v-chunk out of the middle back, and so it slides off my (broad) shoulders in an unflattering way. I look like a pear!
-I didn't make any attempt at pattern matching and I'm disappointed in the results. 

I have made this so many times but I was never able to assess whether I just simply *liked the style.*  I do like the pleats in the bodice, but I think a big part of my trouble fitting the dress is that I hate how tight it is on the upper abdomen in order to create this effect.  I guess that's an area I don't like to have emphasised.  My first Anna was the most creative, and in some ways still my favourite even though I couldn't breathe in it.  (I gave it away, and sort of wish I hadn't. Who cares about breathing?)  The third Anna, my first v-neck, was the one that fit the best but I gave it away when I moved because I was too lazy to cut the skirt off.  The length was too much for me.  (Hm, sort of wish I kept that too, sigh.)

Sorry for photo overload, I tried to get some with hands in pockets and some without, but I look like a zombie despite my best efforts. 

As for the zip: I just happened to choose the shorter instead of the longer zip.  It goes about 2 inches past the waist seam.  Because of it I can barely get into the dress, it gets hung up on my shoulders.  I'm still trying to debate whether to fix it or give it away.

This project has made me think about the comparative joys of sewing things I planned a year ago (when I could have worn this dress) versus now (when I am unlikely to keep things I don't need due to space constraints.)  The projects planned awhile ago don't have much sense now, and as a result I don't put the same effort into them.  I tend to assign a pattern to a fabric and then write it in a list, where it becomes fixed - lately I've been attempting to undo the list and reflect on whether I actually want the item that might result - and take things off the list if the answer is no.

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