Thursday, 9 April 2015

Tilly Delphine skirt

So I am on a skirt binge.  (You didn't notice yet, it's happening behind the scenes.)
This is skirt number 2.

The fabric is an Art Gallery print that I love.  Unfortunately the etsy seller was less than generous, sending me 40'' width fabric.  It was nearly impossible to cut the skirt out, and I had to shorten it extra.  I think 3'' total (which is fine).  No chance for pattern matching of any kind.  Of all my charmeuse collection I finally settled on grey to line this.  Maybe I should have gone with red?

Size: 3, based on the waist of the measured pieces and where I wanted it to sit on my waist.  I went less by the size chart and more by the actual waistband pattern piece.

I followed Tilly's online tutorial to line the skirt, as it's a bit different than how I lined the Burda skirt.  You essentially make two skirts and then slide the lining into the main, and sew them together.  Genius!  I had to save the hemming for last since I wasn't sure what my actual final length was.  (Each piece was cut a different length due to fabric shortage!)

The funny edge on the pattern pieces creates this stark angle

Funny edge on the bottom pieces, difficult to line up as well, necessary for shape??

You can see here that it hits at my actual waist, which I find very unflattering.

My issues with this skirt:
1. The waistband, ugh, I mean, if I had made a size bigger, it would sit lower, and might be better.  If the waistband were half as wide it would be bigger.  If the waistband were curved it might look better.  But as it is, this skirt, out of 2, is in place number 2 behind the horses.  I suspect when I wear it in real life it will ride up and I will be tugging it down forever.

2. What's up with the 5/8 inch angled seam allowances?  They were difficult to sew, and they mean that the skirt has a funny bend at that spot.  I feel like this is bad drafting, or like, overdrafting somehow - it gives the impression of being well-thought out, while actually being worse for the final result.  But I don't know enough about this stuff - is that necessary for the A-line shape of the shirt?

Anyway an easy project and I do like it.  It will need to be worn for me to determine how much, though.  One option would be to make it without the waistband.  Still a few skirts to go before I pick a grand prize winner...

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