Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Vogue 1247 Skirt

I expected to love this skirt, but as I perused online versions I became a little nervous about the shape.  It is not A-line, but quite straight cut, and it has this funnel at the waist that I imagined not being my thing at all.  I strived ahead in some owls from the market in Berlin, treating it fully as a muslin - I didn't do any bias taping.

I cut a size 12 based on my waist measurement. Even though I have never previously cut the size that Vogue recommends.  I had a bit of a depressed moment over this, silly how we fixate on the numbers sometimes, isn't it?

It is simple to make, but the Vogue instructions are probably good to follow - you sew the front panels together with gaps for the pockets, and THEN sew the pockets, instead of doing a continuous line.  I think best is to pull a bit of tension as you sew those bits, and also maybe add some seam tape along that pocket edge.  If the pockets aren't quite tight, they can gape at the front.

I thought at first that it is terribly too small and just overall terrible.  I did a dance around my flat in it.  Then I thought that really it's only terrible because the hips of the skirt and my hips are not in the same place.  I think if I take a 1"cut out right above the pockets, around the whole skirt, that it will flow from my hips instead of hanging up on them and getting baggy.  As for the slightly funnel-waistband - yeah, I really need curved waistbands!  But on skirts that just hang off my hips, they end up sliding all over the place, like up to my waist, which sadly is also my ribs, because of how I have a micro-length torso.  I am not sure if the only answer is elasticated waist skirts.  I still have at least one skirt pattern to go before I take a break from perfect-skirt hunting.

high waist, it actually hits my belly button.

I am facing how I need to get on with some sewing education.  Instead of complaining about how things don't fit, I need to start putting in the time to making them fit - and the hardest step - creating that list that skilled sewists have of their required changes from pattern--> person.  I have become slightly better about not making projects just because they are on my list, and also allowing my list fluidity with my mood, but I still suffer from a desire to make every project once just to see what it will look like.

Lately I have a few great friends willing to benefit from my sewing dependency!  I can't call it selfless sewing, because I think it's the ultimate in SELFISH sewing - I sew whatever I want (more or less) ...and give it to friends so I don't have to deal with the stress of owning more things : )  And my friends get to wear my stuff and they report to me that it is amazing.  (Possibly just gratuitous ego-petting.)

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