Monday, 8 June 2015

Drape Drape #5, V-neck dress

I had a huge pile of black jersey in my stash.  It was originally for a friend who ended up not wanting anything.  Since my stash is one single bag, I get annoyed when everything doesn't fit into it and I start coming up with projects to use up these big pieces of orphan fabric.  I was attempting to make it into the Goddess dress in the Drape Drape book, but I couldn't even succeed in tracing that pattern.  While perusing the book I started to get a deep yearning for the V-neck dress!  I remember it from Kim's version because I was just learning about Drape Drape when she made it and I was so's unusual for the drape projects because it actually has a lot of structure in the top half, which is a nice contrast to the drapey bottom.

A trawl through the webs provided enough successful outcomes that I thought I'd do it.  I cut a size small.  Everyone has noted that it runs huge - particularly odd for Japanese patterns. My jersey is a cotton blend with spandex and is quite heavy. I found the pattern a relief to cut out, it was quite easy to identify the pieces and trace them (unlike that Goddess dress, although I like it I think I will never try to trace it again.)

I put in some effort to overlap the fronts quite a bit so I would have good coverage.  The instructions were adequate for the pattern and for the most part I was not confused.  The skirt though, the drapes...I did them a bit hesitantly and a bit delicately, and I think I could have draped more vigorously!  I didn't get confused but I took my time and found it pretty straightforward.  I also realised that you can't go wrong with draping because as long as both sides are the same it looks quite good : )

I did have to apply a zip.  The waist band is kind of empire waist, and is nice for shaping but is very tight- size small I think is about 32".  It fits exactly around my rib cage.  I interfaced it with some jersey-interfacing which is a bit stretchy but gives the jersey quite a bit more shape.

The dress is very comfy! I feel like the side drapes should be pockets!!  I keep looking down at them when I am walking wondering where my pocket is.  The dress moves nicely and feels good so it seems like a win of a project, and although the back coverage isn't perfect I think it's good enough for a summer dress.  I didn't try it but probably it has enough support that I don't need a bra.


  1. This is so beautiful! I love it! It looks amazing on you.

    1. Thanks! I really like it too and I am planning to wear it in Zermatt when we go eat Fondue in some posh tourist trap restaurant full of Japanese tourists ; )

  2. Great stuff and love this Black Dress, great to meet you and chat!!!wish we had more time and better location to talk more...have a good time on your next adventure! EMAIL or text me, 808 283-3099, and on INSTAGRAM @LIVELOVEHONOLUA
    TAKE CARE Aloha Renae Lani

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