Wednesday, 15 July 2015

A trio of panties

So I have been introduced to the addictive qualities of making underwear.  At first you think that this is just not gonna fit.  No way.  Especially on my first pair, which were the:

1. Grace Hipster panty, by Ohhh Lulu.

Interesting features: pieces of bias cut woven scraps, mixed with some knits at the sides.
The little crotch bit is only sewn down to the back.
Wonder of wonders, although it looked MASSIVE, it fits.
I cut a size M, managing not to cut a small out of vanity, for my 37'' hips.
You don't sew anything along the legholes, just fold over and finish, and that is good for minimising panty lines on the butt.  

2. Rose cross over bikini by Ohhh Lulu

This was my third pair.  I again used size M and again tried to ignore how massive they looked.  This requires a bit more attention because you have to sew the fold over elastic twice.  It's also good to baste the overlap very thoroughly.  I learned all this by not doing either of those things.  I just folded the elastic and kind of pulled tension on it while trying to shove the fabric into it and sew at the same time...I missed a spot on the front.

Good thing here: the crotch liner is fully enclosed.

Fit: can't tell you.  These were MASSIVE.  Like I thought the others would be.  Seriously huge.  I am not sure whether to sew a small or XS next, but because this requires big scraps on the bias, I am waiting til I have some scraps for the second pair.  (Or I might just make a silk pair.  I have a lot of silk scraps.) 

3. Watson bikini by Cloth Habit
This was my second pair.  I made a size small. I again thought they would be huge and I made them out of some white stretchy stuff that came in a bra kit from Spitzenparadies.  In fact I think all the materials came from that kit.  I basically dug around and pulled out whatever looked useful.  I don't usually wear underwear made of non-natural fibers, but to my shock, these fit like normal bikini underwear.  No way!!  (I might wear them.) Because this is a fully knit pattern, I will probably use some holey woolen shirts to make more pairs.  I like wool underwear : )  I'm also proud of my random decision to use purple thread.  These look special, what with all that crazy underwear elastic at the top!!

Summary: 2 out of three successes isn't bad at all!  Now it's time to put these to the test...and they are so fast to make that I am already planning more.

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