Thursday, 23 July 2015

Colette Sorbetto

I wanted to use this tiny piece of double gauze for a tshirt.  My Scout is a roaring success even though the fit isn't great, because it is just such a lovely fabric for summer. In order to squeeze a tshirt out of less than a yard remnant, I got rid of the central pleat (annoying anyway) and made this up in a size 4.

I dithered quite a bit about how to finish it. I was thinking of just zig-zagging the edges and leaving them raw so it would be soft.  Finally I caved in when I saw this colour of bias tape, but in the end I don't love the bias edges. After so much handling the edges stretched a lot and with wide bias tape there was no way to avoid the gaping.  I may just cut it off and do the zig zag although I am concerned the shirt would fray too much with only zigzag as a finishing technique.

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