Monday, 24 August 2015

Panty party part 2: Rose crossover panties & Watson bikini

Made another Watson bikini:
Recycled fabric from an old ibex tshirt that had holes.  Panty lining is from the arm of a tshirt I cut off. I made the XS this time, keeping in mind my old stretchy wool fabric.  What can I say, this pattern really works!  It's cute and fits and feels just like something store bought.  I made this before breakfast...

...and a second Rose crossover bikini:
Made this after breakfast : )  I cut the XS. Followed the instructions (the elastic looks really good!) And then I tried it on.  And this is a total fail - I didn't bother putting on the waist elastic.  It would fit me around the waist this time, barely, but the butt feels like wearing a diaper - there is a huge amount of pooling of fabric in the butt.  Because overall the woven doesn't stretch, getting the waist fit right means I can barely pull the panty on. That is when I understood why the pattern model is sewn with a fully lace back.  I think this pattern needs to be done with something either knit, or stretchy.  For now I have had enough of trying it.  According to the size chart, I am an M, but it looks like an XS is the right fit.  I might revisit this when I want some really sexy lingerie and I am willing to work with stretch silk or lace.  Maybe folding an inch out of the butt would help too. 

The other issue with this is that the instructions say to pull a bit of tension as you are sewing the leg hole elastic on.  I would adjust this to say: pull a f*-load of tension on it because you need it to really gather the fabric.  Nothing wrong with this pattern (the rebel in me always wants to point out the bad in patterns to counteract the blogosphere's freaky perky happiness with all indie patterns...) but I would definitely need to spend more time to make it fit my bottom...

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