Saturday, 20 February 2016

Craftsy and scarf knitting

Back in September a friend in Delft talked me into buying yarn.  This was, my friends, the top of the slippery slope.  I knew I wouldn't be sewing for a long time, and I found this pattern to knit a sweater and thought it would be doable - even for me.  And unlike the sweater I made last time, it's something I would buy and wear that doesn't scream handmade.

Enough on that sweater.  It's still happening, never fear, but I'm stuck without the short cable to make the sleeves, I lost it somewhere between Seattle and here.

In the meantime, I decided to up the quality of my game.  I tried to start a Miette but discovered I wasn't ready for lace.  So I bought the Craftsy Knit lab because I wanted to do the seed stitch Cambridge scarf.  (Really I guess I didn't need a set of lectures for it, but I didn't figure that out on my own, so I'm gonna learn a few extra things too.)
That blocking process was very technical - added about 15 cm!

My mother said this looked 10 feet long...

I knitted the scarf for a friend which was great because by the time I was bored to death by the repeats, I had a deadline and had to finish.  It took about 1.5 weeks.  My friend Doris is really happy with it and so am I!  A finished knitting project that even involved a pattern!  This is practically a first, at least it feels like one.

The yarn is a wool alpaca and nylon blend by Valencia, the alpaca keeps it from being too terribly scratchy but it's marginal.  It's on size 4.5mm needles which are awful ones from Turkey, the cable got all over the place. All the yarn and the needles in the Ukraine are imported from Turkey and the quality is sort of ok but not the mouthwatering amazing stuff I can only drool over online.

Knitting is not like sewing and it's frustrating not to be able to access much yarn (I brought some with me, and the shops here do have those few options) but knitting is definitely fitting in to some degree as a replacement for sewing.  Although I really have to just not think about sewing because I miss it desperately!

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