Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Sallie Jumpsuit by Closet Case patterns

I prepared this pdf pattern while deep in my sewing preparations, and went for a size 8 based on so many people saying to go by your measurements.  I'm sort of a 6-8, because I have been exercising and my already square torso has become more square.  Nobody mentions that when you get ab muscles you lose your waistline for them!! Hah! So, I forgot that I should really size down for knits and in fact being both shortwaisted and short, I think I might have best been suited to a size 4.  Because of that I disagree that you can cut exactly according to your size.

I used a drapey rayon.  It's heavy, as rayon tends to be, in this great saturated red, and I really was dreaming of a Sallie short dress and I kind of wish I had just done that straightaway, because I ran out of time and couldn't do it at all : (

There were a few moments of irritation - when you sew the underarm together it looks like a snaggly mess, but a snip into the seam allowance and some ironing makes it look great on the outside.  I really really adore this top.  It's substantial with the two layers of fabric and so comfortable!!

I took about 3 hours to make this - a concentrated morning.  It came together with no mishaps, although I had not checked what elastic I needed so I used the 1/4" elastic I had, and something a bit thicker would hold the heavy legs better.  I cut off 5" from the bottoms.

If I made this again, other than using a size 4, I'd probably raise the crotch a few inches.  I'm not completely sure it's a success - it's comfortable but is too low cut to feel right at work, and because it's red it's very attention grabbing and I'm not sure I like how I look in it enough for that.

I would love to make another one, but the dress is probably more of a priority; I think this would be an absolute staple in my wardrobe as a short dress.  I will probably go with a less flashy colour when I made the jumpsuit again, because it's already quite unique looking.   

It was my first Closet Case patterns and I did enjoy it!  I'm looking forward to eventually having the time to work on this pattern because I adore the top half, and of course I'll eventually make some Ginger jeans, but sadly the sewing vacation is over, so not any time soon.

The final good news is that one of my coworkers looks amazing in this jumpsuit!  So it got a new home!  Everyone is happy.


  1. wow you gave that away already? I think it looks great on you. love the red. Looks like something you could wear for slightly dressy events. very glam. if you want to dress it up a bit. You should make another jumpsuit. Although I can see that as a dress it would be great as well.

    1. Hi Beth and Thanks Beth! It took some effort to get pictures I was willing to post...mainly the v of the chest is level with my bra and the crotch is halfway to my knees, which make me feel inundated in heavy fabric. Also I live with the pain of 23 kg luggage limits in my near future so while my sewing vacation was soooo worth it, I'm not unhappy to offload things I won't have a chance to immediately fix.