Saturday, 9 July 2016

Lovely Leaf Lace Scarf by Purl Soho

My knitting queue was honestly concocted sometime in February.  I spent a few days trawling Ravelry like nobody's business.  Then I realised knitting isn't sewing and it's very depressing to want to make 32 things that you would never finish before 2029.  So I stopped.

That means I planned this scarf in February! My plans were created with an educational progression and I think it's working, because after this comes the Miette (LACE!!).  Making this scarf has been really amazing for my lace learning skills.  I shortened it by 10 rows on the width, and used the leftovers from my last sweater - Malabrigo Rios.  I had just about 2 skeins, one of Purpuras that I hadn't used at all, and 3 ends of Zarzamora.  Since the scarf is started at both ends and grafted together in the middle, I reckoned if it were too short I could find something to add into the middle without it looking too bad, but I ended up just stretching it when I blocked it.

A great thing about doing lace in a pattern like this, is that 51 stitches isn't too much to follow.  I definitely made a few mistakes, but every time I lost a stitch it was quick to identify and make a new one, and the pattern for the most problem hid the mistakes.  I had to review how to properly do yarn overs and ssk.  I think I've mentioned that I learned to knit in Finland and because of this I hold everything differently than the majority of youtube video-producers, so sometimes I have to either seek a video from someone who holds their knitting like I do, or watch the videos until I understand the fundamental movement, before I get it.  (that happened a lot with short rows...)

Anyway once I stopped trying to watch movies while knitting the pattern, this went smoothly.  Also this time I'm the one leaving, not Tanya my translator, so I was much more relaxed about the process, at least until the final few days.  I finished the scarf on time but I didn't have a chance to block it!  But Tanya likes it that long, so I'm in luck. 

The airconditioning had us all shivering so the scarf immediately went to creative use...

I loved making this scarf and I was sort of sad to give it up as it turned out so beautiful, and the texture really makes it feel substantial in a way my previous scarves haven't felt. 

In other news, I've not completely gone over to the dark side!  There's a strong possibility that I will be reunited with my ENTIRE SEWING STASH during the course of 2016!  And get to sew again!  Not just on vacation!  Hurrah!

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